Because we all deserve sustainable healthcare

We provide and operate interoperablestate-of-the-artopenflexiblesecureeasy-to-use cloud modules that allow digital health specialists to focus on delivering their core values

Our solutions

Our solutions are state-of-the-art, secure, market-focused and highly performant.

We believe in the benefits of secure cloud software that is developed based on best practices and modern technologies with flexibility and openness at its heart.

Zero Trust

Built on a zero trust architecture all our products make sure that all data is securely available for authorized services and entities only whilst enabling easy integration and non-intrusive UX.


All azuma products are developed with modularity in mind. When we conceptualize building blocks we want to provide what benefits most our users thus allowing a multitude of possible use cases. We continually develop all modules in order to stay state-of-art in relevancy, security and performance.

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