Because we all deserve  sustainable  healthcare

We provide and operate







cloud modules that allow YOU as digital health providers to focus on delivering YOUR core values.

Our solutions for digital health providers are state-of-the-art , secure & highly performant.

We believe in the benefits of secure cloud software developed based on best practices. Modern technologies that are developed with flexibility and openness at its core. We aim to adhere not only to todays but also tomorrows digital health regulations. 

Zero Trust for Digital Health

Built on a zero trust architecture all our products make sure that all data is securely available for authorized services and entities only. We are getting your software ready for TI 2.0 and connected health data spaces.

Modularity & Interoperability

We keep developing all modules in order to stay state-of-the-art in relevancy, security and performance. Interoperability (FHIR/HL7...) as a key to the digital health eco system is core.

Stronger together - our partners

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