Our solutions are developed to maximize your





Your full-service identity provider

  • Future-proof identity & access management
  • OAuth 2.0, OIDC
  • Ready for Zero Trust, eIDs & TI 2.0

as a service

  • Get ready for TI 2.0
  • Easy to integrate via OIDC
  • Save time on OIDC-Federation
  • Provide a seamless user experience 

Your easy-to-access medical master data interface

  • Customizable requests to terminologies and mappings
  • Easy access to KBV master data
  • Performant, flexible and secure GraphQL API
  • Simplify the workflows of medical personnel

Digitized pharmacovigilance processes 

  • End-to-end side effects reporting bridging doctors and pharma
  • SaaS process management solution
  • State-of-the-art APIs supporting industry standards
  • Optional: API-based integration right into your digital health solution
  • ...coming soon!

We build sustainable cloud products based on a set of principles you can trust.

Our products deliver value for small applications as well as large software suits. We believe modularity and openness are key differentiators to provide sustainable solutions.


Security is at the core of our product design. We make sure that all data is secured at all time. We implement cutting edge encryption and development principles. Based on a zero trust architecture access is limited to those authorized only – ready for TI 2.0.


All our products are state-of-the-art providing our you and your users with highly performant, scalable and sustainable technology.


Our products offer clear entry and exit paths avoiding technological lock-in scenarios. Wherever beneficial for you as our customers we build on open-source technologies.


Providing our products in a cloud infrastructure allows for the highest degree of availability, scalability and interconnectivity. Delivering you the highest value & the highest reliability.


A high degree of modularity allows our products to be integrated quickly, for a wide range of use cases all at an attractive and scalable price point.  

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