cloud products for digital health.

Our cloud modules speed up the go-to-market of your digital health solutions while lowering costs. All our products are tailored to health industries enabling a faster and more sustainable digital transformation. We want our products to leverage efficiencies benefitting practitioners and patients alike. 

We believe in zero politics and sustainable action.

All our core beliefs and values break down to two pillars: zero politics and sustainability. We believe employees that know and live the company goals act most efficiently and advocate for the customer. With sustainability at the core, we create solutions that last and stay state-of-the-art. For a sector that our whole society needs – increasingly so.

Politics have no place inside this company

We believe that foremost political actions often stand in the way of truly great products and businesses.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

We believe in solutions that are here for the long-term, continuously evolving with user & stakeholder needs.

Company values

Derived from our core beliefs, our values drive daily decisions from coding to product and business development.


Our customers and partners can trust in our technological competence. They can feel safe using our products & services. This means that availability and stability are given and that we support them quickly in case of any incidents.


We understand the work with our customers and partners as collaboration. We act as one team in projects and agree on common goals to follow. We understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We want to be transparent to our customers and partners concerning our products and business goals. We explain why we commit to projects or collaborations and why we would not commit to them.


We are open to customer ideas and their input. We do not force them into a technological or business lock-in and work with open interfaces and interoperable services. We implement open-source software wherever it makes sense.


We continuously want to innovate and to find state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. We do not implement technologies for their own sake, but to continuously improve customer processes and experience.


We live customer advocacy. Our focus is to solve customer problems even if it may mean recommending an outside option. We do not lock our customers into our products, but show ways for migration. Further, we value the opinion of customers and support them in their decisions.

We are here to speed up the digital transformation in the health sector - in a sustainable way.

We got to know each other on the successful journey to make an impact on the digital transformation of traditional German manufacturing industries. Now we aim to take all our learnings into this new venture.

A photo of Matthias Berger

Dr. Matthias Berger

CEO & Co-Founder

“I believe sustainable healthcare needs digital health. Yet, we have to change the way solutions are thought and developed for this purpose.”
  • Highly interested in digital business models
  • Doctoral thesis about network effects in smart homes at LMU Munich
  • Enthusiast for cloud technologies
  • Former head of cloud software development in industry
  • Producing Hip Hop beats as KPI
A photo of Eugen Wachtel


CTO & Co-Founder

“I believe in the importance of digital transformation in healthcare & I really look forward to tackling the technical challenges.”
  • Extremely excited about technologies, software and code
  • Studied computer science at TU Munich
  • Worked on car sharing and eMobility services platforms
  • Development lead in cloud platform and software in industry
  • State-of-the-art cloud/IT/domain architect
  • Technical brain who loves playing with industrial lasers
A photo of Julian Sussmann
memoji of Julian Sussmann

Julian Sußmann


“I believe in order to leverage the true benefits of digital we have to think in sustainable ecosystems that benefit all participants of all sectors.”
  • Loves to think about new solutions
  • Studied media computer science and technology management at LMU Munich & CDTM
  • Worked as head of business innovation on digital transformation in industry
  • Really enjoys great design and innovative digital technologies
  • Proud father of three
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