Because you all deserve

modern APIs.

interoperable APIs.

up-to-date master data.

flexible mappings.

azuma hashi is a fundamental module to provide your medical professional users with master data they need to simplify their processes and workflows. Based on state-of-the-art technology, hashi offers easy access and is easy-to-integrate into your digital health solution.


Our GraphQL API is perfect to customize your requests and allows for flexible data access. We take care about all data updates and ensure that the most recent versions of master data sets are applied. Currently we focus on medical terminologies (SNOMED, ICD, MedDRA, …) plus their mappings and KBV master data. Our roadmap is inspired by the German Interop Council:

a screenshot from the azuma hashi grapiQL API

We continuously expand azuma hashi to integrate more medical master data.

Your benefits with azuma hashi

Save thousands of DevOPs hours over the lifetime of your services, while simplifying medical user workflows and improving quality with structured data.


  • ONE API for different medical master data sets
  • Always get the most recent master data
  • Archived revisions available where required

Functionality Out-of-the-Box

  • Autocomplete, Full-term and Contains Search
  • Secured access via OAuth2 Client credential flows

Easy Integration

  • Well-documented and powerful interface
  • Customizable with GraphQL API calls
  • High flexibility for different use cases


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