Because all




care providers

deserve easy and modern access via HealthID.

azuma mimoto is a simple module that you can integrate into your solutions such as DiGas and DiPas (or other software solutions with access to the TI) to enable your users to login via HealthID.

New: Experience Seamless Integration with azuma mimoto’s Simulation Mode!

Discover the power of azuma mimoto’s Simulation Mode, a smart feature designed to make GesundheitsID integration a breeze!

Explore Effortlessly:

* Dive into azuma mimoto’s user-friendly simulation environment to quickly understand integration steps.
* Test and validate your GesundheitsID implementation without any cost - it's absolutely free!

Smooth Transition to Productive Mode:

* With just a click of a button, seamlessly switch from simulation mode to productive mode.
* Effortlessly bring your tested configurations to life and start reaping the benefits in a live environment.


Our mimoto service can be easily integrated (e.g. via OIDC) into your existing solutions. This way your users can log in with their HealthID via the identity provider of their health insurance. The HealthID will become mandatory for DiGas on 1.1.2024 and we are looking forward to supporting you on your way.

login with GesundheitsID

We are continuously developing azuma mimoto to meet the latest Gematik specifications and ensure optimal integration into your systems.

Your benefits with azuma mimoto

Save thousands of DevOPs hours over the lifetime of your services, while simplifying patient and care provider onboarding and login to your solutions.


  • Always up-to-date
  • All health insurance IdPs in federated access
  • We can register your service with Gematik

Functionality Out-of-the-Box

  • UI flow for login via HealthID
  • Can also be used purely via API
  • Highly secure access for your users

Easy Integration

  • Well documented and powerful API
  • Easy to integrate via OIDC
  • High flexibility for various use cases

Technical Documentation

In our portal for technical documentation you will find everything you need as a developer about the performance and integration paths of azuma mimoto.
azuma mimoto Technical Documentation

Pricing & Subscription Plans

Startup Plan

  • 250€ per month (up to 5000 MAU)
  • 1000€ per month (up to 20.000 MAU)
  • > 20.000 MAU? Contact us!

  • Requirements

    DiGas: Only available if not yet listed / preliminary listed
    Revenue: <10.000€ per year

Standard Plan

  • 500€ per month (up to 5000 MAU)
  • 2000€ per month (up to 20.000 MAU)
  • > 20.000 MAU : Contact us!

  • Requirements

    No additional business requirements.

Enterprise Plan


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