A company you can trust.

We put trust at the center of everything we do. Acting in the health industry sector, we know of the importance of information and data security. We implement all necessary measures to make sure that all data is only available to those authorized. Further, we build on mechanisms ensuring the integrity and availability of data.

We trust in our employees and partners. Together, we will enable a faster and more sustainable digital transformation of the health industry.


All services are running on ISO 27001 certified infrastructures. We take all necessary security measures in our processes and encrypt whenever necessary. We implement and use our own information security management system (ISMS) as a living document available to all in the company – making information security part of our daily business.

Privacy by design

We are a Germany-based company and believe in the value of high privacy standards and data protection. Privacy is at the heart of all design decisions and everything we do of course adheres to GDPR. Our products are built based on zero trust architectures and we use only EU located data centers.

Terms & Conditions

We strive to live our values in our terms and conditions as well. We want to provide our users and customers with the transparency they deserve. You can find out more in our legal portal, and the website legal notice.

Vulnerability Disclosure

We continuously and transparently provide the health status of our services. We kindly ask you to notify us in a timely manner about any possible vulnerabilities or problems you find when using our products.

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