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deserve easy & sustainable access to digital health.

azuma doa is tailored to the digital health industry: your one-stop shop for identity & access management. No matter if you are a startup or an established digital health provider: You can speed up your development, cut costs and provide your users with value-added services. A real European health IDP that will ready for TI2.0 soon.

+ hrs
of DevOps hours saved 
higher user conversion
with social sign in
braincells saved 
not worrying about security & privacy in identity management

Included user flows

As a full-service identity & access management solution azuma doa comes with an array of convenient built-in user flows for you.

Registration & Login
Account Recovery
Screens showing registration and login flows
screens showing account recovery flow
a diagram showing federated identity management

Federated SSO

OIDC and OAuth 2.0 allow the integration of existing compatible accounts. Your users can comfortably use one login to access multiple applications. In a digital health industry with distributed solutions from multiple providers this is a driver for innovation.
  • One login for all your users health industry apps
  • Login with third party accounts
  • Log into third party accounts
  • OAuth 2.0 and OIDC

Easy Integration

Our well documented APIs, the admin portal as well as the developer portal allows you quick and easy integrations into your new and existing solutions.
  • Powerful and performant GraphQL / REST API
  • Documented with developers in mind
  • Co-branded user flow for registration and login
a diagram showing how azuma doa integrates
a screenshot from azuma doa showing users

User experience focused frontend

Our responsive web frontend allows your end-users and administrators to comfortably manage their organizations, data and applications.
  • One place to securely store practitioner data
  • User has complete control over data sharing 
  • End-users have central management over their solutions

Map organizations with multi-tenancy support

We provide you with extended multi-tenancy features including sub-tenants. Sophisticated role and permission management allow for full flexibility. 
  • Multi-tenancy support with sub-tenants
  • Sophisticated roles and permission management
  • Templates map out organizational hierarchies e.g. for practices, clinics and hospitals
  • Supporting custom roles and hierarchies
a screenshot from azuma doa showing tenants

Pricing & Options

Free Development Account

We provide you with free access to all development resources you need to thoroughly test azuma doa. Use azuma doa in your development environment before you decide on any paid subscription plans.
  • Login & Registration APIs
  • UI & Dashboard
  • Tenant Management
  • Data Management (Incl. prebuilt profiles )
  • FIDO2-compliant 2FA
  • Passwordless (Coming Soon)
  • Federated & Social Sign-in
  • Custom Identity Models
  • Permission Management
  • Zero Trust Design
  • FIDO2-compliant 2FA
  • For Development Use Only

Startup Plan

Our subscription plan to kickstart new ventures as well as future-proof digital health solution from NGOs
  • All Dev features
  • Co-Branding (coming soon)
  • For Production Use
  • Your company is no older than 5 years
  • Your company is founder managed
  • You have products/solutions in the health sector
  • Your company has <50 employees
  • Your yearly company revenue is <1 Mio €
  • All NGOs / Impact startups: Feel free to contact us for special pricing!
Pricing & Details on request

Standard Plan

Our standard subscription for all incumbents that want to future-proof their digital health solutions.
  • All Dev features
  • Co-Branding (coming soon)
  • For Production Use
Pricing & Details on request

Integrate azuma doa and future-proof your solutions now

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